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Founders Bio

With more than 23years experience in NZ’s Hair, Makeup and fashion industry, meet Melanie Butzbach.

A Mother of 2, with a huge passion for fusing products that are natural and organic - let me introduce you to Bedrock.  A range of natural, vegan, planet friendly and cruelty free cosmetics designed and made here in New Zealand.

For years I have been working with clients who have shared their struggles to find a makeup that not only looks good and is easy to use but still natural and environmentally responsible.  This fuelled a desire to find a better, natural, sustainable, high end luxury range of makeup.  I have spent years researching and trialling products from around the world that had the same professional, natural, sustainable, long wearing ethos that I so strongly care about.  However, I never had much success in finding that ‘perfect’ product.  During this research, I also discovered many dark secrets within the beauty industry.  Many products contained potentially health damaging, harsh and toxic chemicals. Not to mention the excessive plastics that are filling up our landfills and clogging up our oceans, drinking water and food supply. So with a desire to help the makeup and beauty industry do better, this gave me the impetus to dedicate more than three years in research and development, testing and refining a product I know you will love as much as I do. 

A product that I am so very proud of.  A professional range of makeup that is Clean, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Earth Friendly and Fragrance Free without compromising on the aesthetic or final composition of the product.

Welcome to Bedrock, the foundation for natural beauty

When you choose Bedrock, you are making a conscious decision to look after your skin and health, whilst helping protect our precious planet.

A formulation that is packed full of skin loving ingredients that your body will love.  Nourishing Vitamins and Powerful Antioxidants that can help boost cell rejuvenation and reducing the signs of aging, giving you the confidence to bring out your natural beauty with a clear conscience.